Digital Investment Solutions

Modular Investment process

Quantitative tools for Asset and Wealth Management supporting Private Banks, Family Offices, Robo Advisory and Fund Managers

Client Risk

Goal based profiling of client, comparing to existing or new portfolios.

Asset Allocation

Accommodate different investment strategy, benchmark and model portfolio.

Product universe / Selector

An investment process that can select from all asset classes.

Portfolio construction and rebalancing

Automated portfolio construction and re-balancing based on financial modelling.

Performance and risk analysis

Dashboard of intuitive and innovative indicators highlighting portfolio health.

Robo ChatBot

A Robo Advisor Chatbot demo for #SGFintechFest. It is a facebook messeger chatbot that use cognitive conversation to build portfolio for you. Click “Message Us” below and say ‘Hi’

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Deconstruct Complex Portfolios with Ease

We offer an innovative multi-asset class portfolio analysis platform for Wealth Managers and Individuals to manage the risk and performance paramaters of their investments. Combining sophisticated analytics and innovative visualisation, our platform delivers an intuitive view of performance, volatility and risk across all levels - your aggregate book, individual client portfolios and single asset level.

  • Statistatical Analytics

    Identify and isolate key drivers of portfolio performance including factors that cut across traditional segmentation (geographies, sectors)

  • Real Time Monitoring of Risk Limits

    Complete set of risk metrics at aggregate book, client portfolio and single asset level through 3 different methodologies: Value at Risk (Var), Asset Concentration and Volatility

  • Visual & Intuitive Dashboard

    Rapid assessment of key metrics via traffic lights with interactive drill-down functionality


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Will Lawton

30+ year of financial markets and private banking experience across Asia, Europe and US
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Leong Jian Haur

15+ years of enterprise IT solutions experience. Specialized in software architecture, development and deployment for large scale enterprise solution
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Aida Lim

Business Development Director
25 years of hands on and managerial experience gained from a diverse range of institutions, including Malaysia’s largest audit firm, top financial institutions, GLCs and regulators, namely Bursa Malaysia Bhd and the Securities Commission Malaysia.
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Tang Show Sin

Technology & Engineering
Over 12+ years on system architecture and multi-million dollars enterprise solution deployment.
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Jeremy Oades

Jeremy Oades has over 30 years experience in financial markets, had a leading role of banks across US, London, Hong Kong and Asia.


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