March 17, 2017

Strategic Partner


Corporate Streets

value add services and solutions


Corporate Streets provides value add services and solutions to financial market and capital market business operators such as Public Listed Companies, Financial Institutions and SMEs.


Our business solutions and services are: –

FINTECH |Technology & Digital Solutions

  • Eigencat Digital Wealth Management Platform – The next generation of platform today

Corporate Advisory & Training | Corporate Solutions

  • Corporate Governance, Internal Control & Risk
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Scrutineering & Electronic Poll Voting
  • Record Management

Our Strengths

Our firm is led by our Managing Director & Founder who has more than 25 years of experience in a variety of organisations and institutions ranging from audit firms, financial institutions, GLCs to regulators, such as Bursa Malaysia Bhd (“Bursa”) and the Securities Commission of Malaysia (“SC”). She has in-depth financial and capital market experience in a variety of roles, including Audit, Banking, Treasury, Corporate Finance, Merger and Acquisition, Corporate Reporting and Investment Analysis.

With a total of 16 years of hands on and supervisory experience in regulatory bodies, specialised in operationalise corporate governance and compliance, the experience gained from Bursa Malaysia Bhd and the Securities Commission, she  started  Corporate Streets with team members who are passionate about delivering services in relation to compliance matters, registrar services, electronic polling / voting, software / IT experts and capital market regulations to assist listed companies in meeting the regulatory requirements ranging corporate governance, risk management and compliance matters.





Stavros Iatridis

President & CEO

Vestmo Global Research, Inc.


Mr. Iatridis has over 30 years of institutional investment experience as a global multi-asset portfolio manager with leading asset management and hedge fund companies.

He founded Vestmo Global Research to specialize in developing a digital investment strategies for a wide range of investors and countries. He developed a series of digital strategies designed to achieve excess of benchmark returns with less risk across many asset markets and cycles. The strategies employ a groundbreaking digital rule based process he developed over his investment career by investing, studying his peers, reviewing leading academic and industry papers and collaborating with various industry experts. The approach does not rely on traditional investment organizational flowcharts but gathers, analyzes and manages asset markets a using rules based process to allow for faster, cheaper and more accurate decisions.

Vestmo currently offers subscription based investment research and strategies as well as an outsource CIO and asset allocation service. Vestmo clients include leading asset managers, family offices, and hedge funds across a wide range of today’s global liquid asset markets.

Prior to creating Vestmo, Mr. Iatridis co-founded Apogee Global Advisors, an investment firm specializing in hard asset portfolios. Before Apogee, Mr. Iatridis worked alongside George Noble at Noble Partners as a global long/short equity portfolio manager. Prior to joining Noble Partners, he was a global equity portfolio manager with Odyssey Partners, a leading $2 billion dollar multi-strategy alternative investment firm based in New York. Prior to that, Mr. Iatridis was a partner and international equity/fixed income portfolio manager with Oechsle International Advisors, a $6 billion international asset manager, working in both the Tokyo and Boston offices. Mr. Iatridis began his career as an international research analyst at Putnam Investment Company in Boston.

Mr. Iatridis earned an MBA degree in International Business from George Washington University and a BA in Philosophy & Economics from Boston College.