Why next gen digital platforms will revive portfolios

https://www.hubbis.com/article/why-next-gen-digital-platforms-will-revive-portfolios   Why next-gen digital platforms will revive portfolios Will Lawton of Eigencat believes that the shortcomings in the Asian private banking and wealth management model call for digital platforms to evolve to create a better way to manage risk and performance parameters. A former trader-turned-banker, Eigencat chief executive officer Will Lawton saw two fundamental[…]

IBM fintech on air

Eigencat sharing at IBM Fintech On Air

Eigencat sharing about IBM partnership and the exciting opportunity and inspiration. This was the Facebook live on IBM fintech on air series of featuring on the Singapore Fintech Festival (17 Nov 2016). We are delighted to be hosted by the always energetic IBM fintech executive Rirchard Turrin.  We pitched our startup vision and value proposition, we[…]